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Blueshift Films LUT Pack 01- $5


  • 26 Custom LUTs
  • .cube files
  • Crafted in DaVinci Resolve
  • Usable on any flat footage
  • Use in your favorite photo and video editing software
  • .zip file download

I've really come to love hand grading footage and want to share some of the LUTs I've crafted with everyone. Thank you for your support I hope it helps me bring more in the future. For any question please head over to the Contact Page.

For a Free Sample LUT Click Here!

Blueshift Films Storm Wreckage Stock Footage


Real Documentary Footage. Royalty Free. Use as B-Roll or as a scene setter for you narrative work. Buy now and use in all kinds of projects.

  • Real Documentary Footage - As seen in "Home"
  • 37 HD Clips
  • h.264 File Format
  • ProRes Available upon Request
  • 5-30 seconds in length* (full clips not shown in video)

ProRes for all clips are available upon request. File size is larger than 2GB. Contact me via the Contact Page or on Twitter @blueshift_films. Price may vary

*Footage is edited in the preview video and each individual clip MAY BE LONGER. :)

Support and pre-order the next lut pack

I will be creating more LUTs in the future and if you want to support me I will be considering it as a pre-order for anything I produce next.  There will be bigger and better things to come in the future so I can't wait to take that journey with you.

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